What is a Mission Cluster?

What is a Mission Cluster?

A Mission Cluster is small group of churches working together to share resources, ideas,  and to build relationship.  There are four types of Mission Clusters that are easy to imagine for our Synod and well within our reach:

Shared activity/staff Mission Cluster: This is a mission cluster that sees great value in relational stewardship, sharing staffing resources and/or parochial activities (VBS, confirmation, fellowship dinners, men’s/women’s groups). A great example of this kind of mission cluster is Wildfire. Click here to learn more about Wildfire Ministry

Shared Project Mission Cluster: This mission cluster organizes churches around an identified issue/concern where the churches have the capacity and the will to address effectively. Mission clusters around food scarcity, civil rights, immigrant advocacy, and public housing are good examples.

Redevelopment Mission Cluster: This mission cluster organizes churches that see the potential for renewed ministry in a tenured but tired mission outpost. The churches are willing to accompany the redevelopment congregation and share people, expertise and  financial resources with the goal that the mission redevelopment become sustainable and contribute to the life of our Synod within 10 years. Gethsemane Lutheran in Minneapolis is an example of this type of mission cluster.

New Start Mission Cluster: This mission cluster begins as a curiosity and an experiment to discover new ways of being church and children of God. The curiosity develops into a vision from the synod of what new thing God is calling us into that is not currently being done. In addition to a group of churches that are willing to accompany the new start just like a redevelopment cluster, the new start cluster also has the focused attention of synod professional resources to tackle  resource development, community organizing, entrepreneurial enterprise, and non-profit training.

Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. (1Cor. 12:12)