The Vision: We Work Together to Grow!


Our Synod Mission Statement goes like this:

We work together so that all experience gracious invitation into life-giving Christian community and live in just and healthy neighborhoods.

It’s a great mission statement! We all see what life-giving Christian community looks like in each of our churches. And each of our churches share a thirst to live in just and healthy neighborhoods. I feel so proud to be a part of our synod in this mission and to talk together and openly about how to move forward as the Body of Christ while discerning the call to the office of Bishop.

The part of the mission we struggle with as a synod are the words “We work together.” What does it mean to work together? Who works with whom? What will it cost? How can we actually work together? What is the vision?

We are so big, after all. 146 churches peppered over 8 counties speaking in 10 different languages! Each pastor and parish with their own flair, style and focus. With so much going on and so many churches laboring busily in their own little corner of God’s garden, we hardly look up and give voice to the question that points directly to our struggle as a synod: Why? Why work together?

Why work together? In a word, Growth. When we work together we grow in our faith. We grow in our resources. We grow in our numbers. We grow in the Minneapolis Synod. It’s that simple.

But it is hard. Not for the nerve it will take. We don’t suffer from a lack of nerve. It is hard because we have to imagine. And we suffer from a lack of imagination when it comes to how we work together.

I have some ideas I’d like to share about how we could work together to grow. Some Holy Spirit talking points that have been bubbling up in me these past years. This webpage is meant to share them with you. Imagine with me what would happen if we cast a bold vision where we worked together for growth and then clearly communicated that vision. Do you think we could live into that vision and grow? I do. And I hope that, after walking through these pages, you will believe so too. So take a peek and tell me what you think!


No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor heart imagined what God has prepared for those who love God. — Paul to the Church in Corinth